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FasMate® FX

FasMate® FX

The FasMate® FX connector is used for external high pressure connections to standard threaded and custom applications. It can be used to quickly and leak free connect to a test product. These connectors make sure that a test product and the leak testing equipment have a safe, leak free and secure connection. We can supply a connector with a lever, thumb valve or a pneumatical functionality. Contact us for support on the best connector for your situation!


  • Connects to threaded bores
  • Pressure range from vacuum up to 5.000psi/345 bar
  • Size range from 1/8 inch up to 13/16 inch
  • Actuation methods: lever, thumb valve and pneumatic
  • Fast, safe, and repeatable connections
  • Pressure assisted connections
  • Split collet design locks securely and will not damage threaded parts
  • Operating temperatures -40°C to +121°C
  • All connectors can be yearly checked, revised, and calibrated by our service teams

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