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Flexible Bag Integrity Test Unit (FBITU)


Flexible Bag Integrity Test Unit (FBITU)

The FBITU is an integrity test unit designed for open air pressure decay testing of single use flexible bags, used in the Life Science industry. It can be used to test a large range of medical products, from complete assemblies to single use flexible bags from 20ml up to 10.000 liter. The ZEDcore is the modular measuring cell integrated in the FBITU.




  • Designed with two independent measuring channels
  • Integrated ZEDcore as the modular measuring cell
  • Test pressure can be set between 0 and 350 mBar
  • Air for each measuring channel is filtered via two medical grade 0.2 µm filters
  • Menus (>1,000) and test results (>1,000,000) are stored into the unit and can be downloaded via network connection or network PC
  • Comes with touch screen, printer, and scanner
  • Suitable for overpressure, vacuum and flow testing
  • Cleanroom design

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