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LuerMate 60M

LuerMate 60M

The LuerMate 60M connector is used for external connections to medical thread luers and therefore especially made for the medical market. Both standard and custom sizes are available. It can be used to quickly and leak free connect to a luer connector which is assembled onto a test design or assembly. The connectors are available with a termination port or a capped version. These connectors make sure that a test product and the leak testing equipment have a safe, leak free and secure connection. The LuerMate 60M series is activated by a manual sleeve. An optional green ring for correct positioning is available. Contact us for support on the best connector for your situation!


  • Seals against any full or partial threaded standard luers
  • Pressure range from vacuum up to 750 psi/51 bar
  • Actuation method: manual sleeve functionality
  • Available in open flow termination port, or a closed off capped version
  • Fast, safe, and repeatable connections to luer fittings
  • Sleeve to connect and disconnect onto the luer
  • FDA and FKM approved material
  • Only connects onto luer fittings
  • Operating temperatures 0°C to +93°C
  • All connectors can be yearly checked, revised, and calibrated by our service teams

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