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The ZEDbox is the control unit for an external ZEDsatellite. It has no measuring device build in, but can control various ZEDsatellite’s. Menus and parameters can be typed in via the touchscreen of the ZEDbox. The ZEDbox is connected via an ethernet cable to a ZEDsatellite. It can conveniently be placed nearby the operators workspace. The test pressure range is depending on the installed ZEDcore.




  • Can control up to 2 ZEDsatellite's
  • 6.5"touchscreen for menu and parameter input
  • Optional: 15" touscreen and/or barcode scanner for menu selection
  • Data storage of 1.000.000 test results
  • Ethernet & USB connection for csv and xml files
  • Graphics can be shown during the tests

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