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The ZEDsatellite is the unit which can contain 1 ZEDcore measuring cell. It can be conveniently placed close to the testing product, which reduces volume and hoses. The ZEDsatellite can communicate with a ZEDbox, ZEDbase+, ZEDcontrol or ZEDmod.



  • Standard calibrated according to ISO 17025, DAkks calibration optional
  • Standard 1 measuring channel, 2nd channel optional
  • Can be placed in a dirty working environment
  • Ethernet connection for csv and xml files
  • RS232 interface
  • Fixed leak connection at the front (fixed µm or flow leak optional)
  • Pressure range and accuracy depends on which ZEDcore is mounted

The measuring methods build into the ZEDsatellite are:

MF Mass flow
RD Relative pressure, standard 1 channel (2nd channel optional)
RD/DF Relative pressure with flow rate
RD/GP Relative pressure with bell testing
DD Differential pressure
SD Accumulation pressure


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